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Voestalpine share participation in the Indian market increased

The world-famous manufacturer of tool steels, forged parts and welding products — Voestalpine company decided to increase its stake in the Indian market. The development of a new segment for the Austrian manufacturer began with the purchase of the Indian welding plant Maruti Weld Pvt Ltd. According to preliminary estimates of analysts in the next five years, the share of the Austrian welding manufacturer in India will expand to ten per cent of industrial capacity. Today, Voestalpine companies are present in many countries of the world community (over 28 countries). Twelve manufacturing sites allow the company to produce a very varied range of popular and topical products, for which demand is constantly increasing. Such rapid and stable growth of the company predetermined orientation on the continuous development and expansion of the range. Not last place in the activities of the Austrian steel giant takes the development of modern technologies and alternative methods of quality metal production and semi-finished welding.

Russian steelmakers are familiar with Voestalpine. Many domestic large-scale steel projects implemented with the help of a foreign partner. One of the latest achievements of such a powerful Russian and Austrian community was the construction of a new plant for rental pipe production of large diameter on the basis of domestic plant. This foreign investor participates in the very volume constant retooling of our businesses and improving their production capacities. The history of formation and development of such well-known in the circles specialized steel company has more than eighty years. The rapid growth and rapid Voestalpine in the postwar years has predetermined its great future and has allowed management to expand the original production capacity in a short time. Now the Austrian giant is a worthy example of the state-owned export-oriented products. The constant presence of a foreign investor a level on domestic spaces promises a significant increase in the Russian metallurgical complex and the development of many industries. After all, the interests of a foreign colleague quite extensive and not limited to any one segment.

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