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All of the titanium production in Ukraine

Ukraine is not in place, continuing to upgrade many industries. One of the most important metals, increases both the production and the number of exports, in particular titanium-ore.

It is worth recalling that in Ukraine there are large deposits of titanium ore, and at the moment production is carried out in the Zhytomyr region on Irshansky ore enrichment plant, as well as in the Dnipropetrovsk region, at Volnogorsk Metallurgical Plant.

In June 2013 the Cabinet of Ministers and the mining and metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Understanding, the main purpose of which, according to Azarov, it is the stability of metal prices and guarantee a lower cost metal in the domestic market compared to the cost of imports. In addition, to develop a state program aimed at enhancing economic development in 2013−2014, provides government guarantees for the improvement of the mining and metallurgical industry and is ten milliard.

In recent years, the production of titanium due to an increase in production capacity of China has been steadily increasing and, despite a slight decline in 2012, experts predict annual titanium products market will grow by an average of 6 per cent until 2015. Thus, the market of titanium dioxide to the beginning of 2015 is estimated at 7 million tonnes.

In 2013, Ukraine exported titanium-ore concentrate was significantly increased. If we compare the annual figures for 2013 and 2012, the growth rate is more than 41.2 percent. The main deliveries were carried out in the UK, accounting for 19.83%, in China — 20.12%, and in Russia — 29.5%.

Accordingly, imports of raw materials declined, reaching 43.6%, or 3.991 million US dollars. The main share of deliveries was carried out of Egypt, and was 93.76%. In the period from May to August, and in October 2013, imports of raw materials is not carried out in November, the same percentage of the supply was very low.

If we compare these figures with the 2011−2012 year, it can be stated that the export of titanium-ore concentrate and was increased by 31.5 percent, which equates to 65.6% in monetary terms. The bulk of deliveries accounted for Russia, the US and China.

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