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Use of copper in everyday life

Jewellery and other items made of copper are not uncommon today. And most importantly, what should guide the choice, it is not only their beauty, but also the impact on the human body. Copper is essential to health, thanks to her normally implemented many processes in the body. Residual copper contributes to the development of antibodies in the protection system. Also, copper has anti-inflammatory effect. It is used in the treatment of rheumatism. In addition, the great importance of this matter for the strengthening, growth and development of the skeletal system. Thanks to copper is enhanced absorption of iron from hemoglobin.

Copper — natural element, and it is contained in some products, as well as water. it also has the ability, in contrast to many other elements, absorbed through the skin. That is why wearing copper magnetic jewelery can affect human health. When someone wears it, his blood can pass through a magnetic field. This polarization creates a force field that reduces the possibility of bonding of blood cells to each other. To effect was most comprehensive and positive, useful copper magnetic bracelet to wear in the joint.

It is treated with copper and can be different. This substance is a tonic for organs such as the liver and spleen. It promotes it and improve the work of the lymphatic system. Copper is well used to people who are prone to the accumulation of excess weight due to water retention in the body. The old copper coins until 1961 release, can be applied to the back of the neck with the noise in the ears. To remove the headaches they are applied to the affected area. Copper plates contribute to the mineral and water metabolism, help with insomnia, soothe. However, there are side effects. Some people are prone to anxiety in contact with copper.

Since copper objects and jewelery found in the home often, it is important that they look nice, have not been green with or dull. To do this, they are advised to rub a lemon cut in half, and then clean the brush and rinse with clean water. Glitter copper gives a mixture of flour, salt and vinegar. Do not use the green with the grayed out or the dishes — it becomes toxic. Very dirty copper utensils or jewelery can be cleaned by putting them in a diluted vinegar, add salt and boil. For cleaning old coins from green spots put them in 10% citric acid solution. From spots yellow save 9% vinegar. Red plaque removed 5% ammonia solution.

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