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JSC "Krastsvetmet": development strategy

Open Joint Stock Company «Krastsvetmet» headed by General Director Mikhail Diaghilev until 2025 plans to make a number of changes aimed at improving the quality of work of the enterprise, as well as the growth of refining precious metals. In particular, developed a project that includes the construction of the laboratory building for research, as is currently nearing completion of construction of the project to develop the refining body. As the manufacturing base of «Krastsvetmet» was created in the last century, we should not be surprised that there is a backlog of companies in the fields of hardware design, software infrastructure, and internal logistics — and these shortcomings especially noticeable on the background of new global technologies. The result of such gaps are excessive costs and working capital.

Construction of the new building will enable the creation of automated production of compact, whose launch is planned to produce in 2018. According to M. Diaghilev developed activities will be put into practice through personal sources (net profit and depreciation), without involving third-party tools.

As for minerals, the plant gets its due miners regions, from Murmansk to Chukotka. This platanoidy delivered in the form of concentrates (heavy residues, chemically resistant minerals (platinum, tungsten, gold and so on.)) And concentrates, silver- and gold-bearing raw material comes in the form of placer material, gold doré (gold-silver alloy, which is produced from gold deposits) and concentrates. Besides the production of «Krastsvetmet» recycles secondary raw materials, which are imported from places where collectors work, forming an industrial scrap waste products, alloys, spent catalysts and catalytic converters, electronic and jewelery scrap. Suppliers of raw materials are numerous companies located in at least many countries. This is the United States and Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Belgium, and Switzerland.

As for the competition, from OAO «Krastsvetmet» have a huge advantage over other companies, of being able to implement the entire production cycle, from raw material to enrich the production of high-end products made of precious metals, on the same site. However, there are also negative factors, among them — the lack of access to many overseas markets due to customs duties.

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