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German silver utensils and its properties

German silver ware is often used for table on holidays, during the reception. This dish is not cooked, put it on the fire, and only serves a variety of dishes in it. German silver ware The difference is that it looks beautiful and elegant, ignorant people is difficult to distinguish it from the silver, although the price is cheaper. But it is necessary to consider that of nickel silver, as silver, can be manufactured only certain kinds of dishes.

Melchior is a copper and nickel alloy and nickel silver — copper and zinc alloy. Outside utensils and ornaments made of silver alloy, nickel or luzhat. And used a combination of different types of finishes. One of the most valuable properties of nickel silver -korroziynaya resistance. This material does not lose any form in water or in air. Due to the increased content of nickel and manganese, and iron, nickel silver tableware and has cavitation resistance. She is not afraid of sea water and water vapor.

There are alloys that are used for marine shipbuilding — produce one condenser tubes and other products. Due to the high content of nickel, nickel silver has a silver hue. German silver and brass with silver plating was once also called nickel silver. Melchior, decorated silvered, almost no different from the silver, but it is much cheaper and, more importantly, stronger than that of the noble metal. For the manufacture of crockery and cutlery is most often used nickel silver with about 20 percent nickel and 80 percent copper. The coating comprises a silver layer is about one-third of a millimeter thick.

Wonderful appearance makes german-silver dishes adorn the holiday table. The advantage is the fact that this dish can be heated to dishes remained hot for a long time. Differ cupro-nickel product usability. They do not fight and do not bend, long serve. But it is necessary not only to wash, and polish, as well as from time to time to update the silvering. Polishes it to a special machine, using for this purpose steel balls. When buying cookware from nickel silver, remember that it may be designed only for serving. Pots, pans and other utensils for the preparation of the alloy does not produce dishes. Therefore, the appearance in the sale of such items should be alerted of each customer.

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