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Zhireken Mining: Unemployment will not

For several months drafting a conservation Zhireken mining and processing plant. However, according to Alexei Shemetova, first vice-premier of the regional government, the process will start in the second half of 2014, as reported by the correspondent of the news agency «Chita.Ru».

The owner of the plant, Closed Joint Stock Company «UK» SMR «announced his intention to preserve the GOK and FeMo plant and processing plant in the autumn of 2013, justifying the decision to drop the cost of molybdenum, in connection with which the company has a sufficiently long period of running at a loss. This is a necessary measure in the same time and quite tough as conservation Zhireken Mining (Chernyshevsky district Trans-Baikal Territory) will cause the dismissal of about 1.1 thousand. Man. Since last September, 166 workers lost their place, however, on their own, and the remaining 885 specialists only 196 people to finalize the final stage of conservation.

However, Alexey Chemetov in December 2013 gave the deputy edge meeting all of the data on the current situation, with the result that agreements have been concluded between the installation and the trade unions that the workers who were dismissed by agreement of the parties, will be compensated at a rate of 4−7 salaries. As a result of the decision in a similar way uvolilis102 worker, at his own request as it took 8 people, followed by retirement.

Also, to assist those who have lost their jobs, counseling center was established in Zhirekene, in order to provide assistance in finding employment, and took into account when creating the item and the possibility of re-education, as already benefited 50 people, while the desire to reclassify expressed 200 employees. Also, the project was developed, providing employment, the financing of which 6.5 million rubles will be allocated in 2014. The main stages of the project are re-training of specialists and the provision of conditions for business development.

In order to provide new jobs planned creation of the company, which will be produced rubble, investments in this project will amount to 131 million rubles, the estimated number of jobs -. 70. It is also considering the possibility of creating a service, enterprises for the manufacture of paving slabs and timber for construction buildings.

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