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Titanium and stainless steel for church domes

Stainless steel semi-finished products of various types and appearance are used extensively in many compartments of the economy, and sometimes even creativity. For stainless steel interior elements bring into the room unique flavor and some color. Not inferior to the popularity of semi-finished steel is lightweight and durable titanium. After all, this material can be freely used not only in the form of ready-made self-products, but also included in most alloys for special purposes. This fact is not a secret. Surprisingly different. Few people know that the unique combination of stainless steel and titanium has become a fundamental base in the manufacture of church domes.

Gilded domes of virtually all Christian churches of today are made by special technology. Its principle consists in applying to the stainless base domed semi-plasma method thinnest layer of titanium nitride. The assurances of the action building business experts makes it possible to get the exact visual copy of the gold coating. The color of the final product does not differ from the classical noble metal.

Another important advantage of the new material for church domes gilding is its considerable resistance to various corrosive damage. By the way great durability unique raw material allows to use it much longer than classic gold leaf. More recently, it was thin gold leaf plate material used for the refining of copper, which serves as the basis of the dome of the church. Now more easy and cheap way to make monumental and noble view of the symbol of faith and popular aspirations almost completely replaced the classic approach. This coating can be applied at any level of complexity of the roofing or the geometrical dimensions of the dome structure. Therefore, the material has become a viable alternative to precious gold is almost universal.

New technology is so tightly included in all areas of our lives that have become an integral part of not only the domestic sphere or industry, but even touched on the spiritual. Development of technological progress makes it possible for a long time to maintain the amazing monuments of faith and spiritual development of mankind for many generations of descendants.

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