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Lead, bismuth and many other delights of cigarette production

On the dangers of smoking written many treatises, but addiction and addiction to tobacco growing with time, and are amplified by gathering under its banner all the new generations. Did you know that the most common cigarette is a real chemical laboratory in miniature, with all the disastrous consequences of this fact. This product not only contains lead, bismuth and cyanide. Each ring of smoke present a whole range of drugs, benzene, formaldehyde and other very dangerous substances.

The ability to lead provoke all sorts of mental mutation in the academic world is not in doubt. The presence of excessive lead in the environment gradually leads to inhibition of brain and emotional processes and may even cause the development of Alzheimer's disease. Arsenic, is considered one of the most powerful poisons, too, contributes to the devastating effects of tobacco products. In fact, many drugs that are contained in cigarettes are heroin group and can cause very real addiction. Maybe so, not everyone is a professional smoker manages to get rid of the addiction. By the way if the animal's ear cause nicotine gum, there is a high likelihood of cancer in this location.

It looks unprepossessing and a small cigarette stick can be considered the most powerful weapons of mass destruction. It is strange to see how many ecologists, protecting the natural wealth of the destruction and banning the production of harmful metals from the earth, do not see anything bad to smoke a pack of cigarettes daily. It is worth noting that the quality and price category of tobacco products has virtually no effect on their safety, as well, and the amount of nicotine and tar in a particular brand of the harmful product. As the most expensive and the cheapest cigarette products containing in its composition, bismuth, lead, arsenic and many other extremely dangerous, if not just incompatible with the substance of life. Therefore, the refusal of a bad habit can be the guarantor of health and longevity, we're looking for expensive medications and supplements. Despite the complexity of the process of getting rid of his second nature of nicotine, when something needs to usher in a new light and life free from tobacco smoke.

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