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Create a state fund of aluminum stocks in 2014

Since 2008 there is the idea of ​​creating a unified state fund of aluminum, however lobbying Deripaska did not get, and only now, under the leadership of President, rationalization proposal headway. Because right now the ruling majority opinion of the need of such stocks has changed radically. Sam Deputy Prime Minister has repeatedly said that the model worked out only at the legislative and economic levels, and there are several options for resolving the issue. He gave an immediate indication of the establishment of such a fund and provision of final proposals, which could successfully operate in the conditions of Russian reality. At the same time the risks of the state should be substantially minimized, it will help balance and maintain the metals market were stable.

Active issues aluminum President became interested in August 2013, when the spoke openly in support of this innovative idea. He explains the urgency of the fund that the establishment of a specific reserve to support the demand for aluminum not only in the domestic metallurgical market of the country, but it will eliminate the stagnation in foreign, export territories.

In support of his idea, the president proposes as well to create a strategic reserve stocks of other metals such as nickel, zinc and copper. This thrifty caused by the sharp collapse in prices for basic steel products in the current year. Domestic enterprises mining and processing withstood previous production only by large customers and foreign investment. In the past, the creation of such a reserve prevented the lack of a required storage capacity, but now the case in this field situation is different, that officially allows to create and to fully use the funds primary metals inventories.

However, a number of large industrial consumers complain that the central warehouses slowed significantly metal supply and transport processes, thus the prices are artificially overstated, and offers limited to corrupt practices and policies of kickbacks. Even at the moment consumers have to wait in line for 50−100 days, and this despite the successful outcome bought and sold. It is necessary to establish a commission of experts, which will not only assess the potential transaction, but also to identify the owners of warehouses, which are involved in the increase in the cost of aluminum.

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