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The current state of the world markets of steel

another review of the global steel market has been published by the British analysts. After reading it, you can assume that the industry will face a seasonal decrease in demand.

Until now India is preserved pretty bad situation — the low activity in the field of industry and construction, led to a slight increase in steel consumption. Solely for this reason that Indian steelmakers are increasingly focused on the development of entirely new markets its own product sales.

With the seasonal decrease in demand for copper is also faced Ukrainian metallurgists. Substantially reduced its consumption in the manufacture of metal pipes and construction.

In turn, Turkish manufacturers are striving to adapt to the existing conditions in the domestic market industry. In connection with the decrease in demand, trading company in Turkey in January of the coming year plan to reduce the volume of purchases of steel products of domestic enterprises — manufacturers.

Extraordinarily complex business environment has developed in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Construction companies are simply not able to do for the future purchase of this product, in fact, a month almost unchanged for the month of the final cost for the acquisition was concluded transactions.

South African steel market is also undergoing unfavorable times. In other words, throughout the Christmas holidays the real volume of steel is maintained in the country (South Africa) at a low level.

However, in December 2013-the year in the Mexican market of metallurgical products marked preservation of a stable value of transactions. Despite this, at the moment, many distributors are carefully monitoring the current changes in demand and until the completion in January 2014, the year in no hurry to make new purchases of metallurgical steel.

Of particular optimism and inspires position on the European market. Since throughout the 20,130-year steel demand remained at relatively low levels. However, in the first quarter of 2014 year on the European market is forecast a slight increase in casual on a rolled sheet. But according to experts, in January, these changes are not expected. So, to date, European steelmakers are careful negotiations on the supply of own production for the next year.

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