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Russian submarine of the new generation of Magnitogorsk steel

Construction of a new generation of cruisers in the context of the project «Northwind», the forces of society Severodvinsk «Sevmash» require production of a unique resistant material with a number of special features and characteristics. Such a difficult and responsible task entrusted manufacturer of metallurgical enterprises for the production of special purpose, located in the city of Magnitogorsk.

Cruising ship is essentially a submarine running on atomic fuel, is also in the design provides for a ballistic missile complex, which imposes additional requirements to the quality and parameters of operation of the vessel lining material. These boats are the backbone of marine Russian Armed Forces, so their level of equipment and workmanship is of strategic importance to the highest state level. By the end of this year, the company plans to transfer the manufacturer to the armed forces a few such objects.

Implementation of such an important and volume of the order forces Magnitogorsk industrial complex was made possible thanks to the modernization of production capacities of the plant and expand its capabilities on output. The assortment of semi-finished products produced in Magnitogorsk today includes not only the sheet or tubular products, large-diameter and geometry, but also materials for the manufacture of oilfield equipment, building bridges and strong boats. In addition, some types of raw materials, which is made here is able to operate even in very harsh climatic conditions (at the level of the Arctic). All plant products have passed certification repeated by both domestic and international appraisal companies, so that the high quality of all products is guaranteed by the company and undeniable.

Execution of orders shipbuilding companies to produce new and unique set of special materials with certain operating parameters and characteristics of the plant has become a new stage of development and recognition of its importance at a higher level. By the way in addition to the manufacturer and the customer relations metallurgical enterprise with the shipbuilding firm associates scientific and technical cooperation at all stages of production.

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