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Nickel catalyst to fuel the Japanese truck compartment

Fuel and technology of its production is considered the most promising trend in the modern world. For alternative power sources that do not pollute the environment and have a high efficiency — this is our future. Japanese scientists recently very actively involved in these developments. Their new invention was a new truck with a completely unusual fuel system. A prototype of such a technique was presented a wide range of stakeholders in the exhibition hall of the Tokyo Motor Show. Already, the invention caused a lot of discussions and attracted attention.

The source of fuel for such a unit is the system that works on the principle of hydrogen batteries. The standard addition to releasing the energy of the hydrogen reaction is platinum. Such an expensive auxiliary element acts as a powerful catalyst and accelerates the flow of basic interaction. The principal difference between the new fuel cell is the replacement of Japanese descent rare and expensive platinum cheaper nickel or cobalt. Nickel replacement shows the same corrosion resistance in contact with caustic electrolyte composition, but considering Bole low price, considerably reduces the entire structure. The fuel in this particular truck is liquid substance called hydrazine. Due to the liquid state special substance facilitates the charging process, but provides the same performance of the car as the hydrogen gas. To prevent emergencies truck is equipped with an additional supply of electric type. This kind of generator with unexpected situations on the road can replace a unique fuel cell.

Attractive appearance of the new car and its unusual fuel system are key to the success of the prototype in the exhibition hall. Now the car has a set of preliminary tests and preparing for inline release. Also unusual power this miracle of technology distinguishes standard Japanese quality and high security. Therefore, scientists designate the new representative of the cargo engineering great popularity and a long future. Incidentally waiver of expensive catalyst and replacing it with nickel further increase the competitive ability of the vehicle associated with a reduction in the cost of the truck.

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