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Modernization of production of titanium in the Titanium and Magnesium Works UKTMK

Ust-Kamenogorsk plant for the production of titanium and magnesium alloys launched a new project to expand the production capacity, which involves the construction of a new chamber for the production of ingots of titanium raw materials. This initiative is of great importance not only for the industrial giant, but also for all citizens of Kazakhstan, so that the construction plans were supported as the local population, as well as government agencies.

President of the Metallurgical Plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk stressed that such production is the world's only example of a full cycle of working with titanium. After all product manufacturing process incorporates all the main stages of work, ranging from the production of concentrated titaniferous raw materials, to the production of finished metal release, coming to the consumer. In the context of the international community share of titanium products made in Kazakhstan is about fourteen percent. It is also important to note that nearly twenty percent of the total production of titanium for the aerospace industry and rocket also from Kazakhstan.

Home for the active development of this industry was initiated by the government two decades ago, with the creation of a powerful and reliable resource base in this compartment. Over the years, the project built a special complex ore-thermal type for titanium cuttings. Today's construction and commissioning of the plant for the production of titanium ingots was the last stage of a multi-year development program. Running the entire complex to the work promises to provide jobs for about two hundred people. Total investment in construction amounted to about ninety million dollars. The first pilot batches of finished goods have pleased the leaders of high quality plant and prepared for shipment to customers. Besides all kinds of products, which can produce a new company received certificates recognized valuation companies, and are suitable for use in the aerospace industry.

Along with the end of construction and the launch of a new industrial plant of Ust-Kamenogorsk giant management is actively negotiating with the French company for the production of extruded semi-finished products of titanium and magnesium and aluminum alloys. Today, Aubert and Duval from France takes the second place in the world for the production of a variety of special steel and unique strategic materials.

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