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The global nickel market - a sudden rise in exchange quotations

If in November the initial cost of nickel Metal Exchange «London Metal Exchange» was 13 729 dollars, you have to hold the auction in December are a ton of nickel was offered for the price — 14 215 US dollars. According to some analysts, the current week is marked by positive dynamics in nickel prices, as a result of the ban on the export of nickel ore from Indonesia, which will certainly affect the state sector of the global nickel market supply.

In general, taking place in the global market of nickel changes — all for the best, this assures an international group «International Nickel Study Group». After all, according to the results of the current year there is a reduction of excess nickel supply, and the world's largest investment banks expect the change in nickel prices over the next few years upwards.

It is important to take into account the news from Indonesia, since the introduction of the export ban on mineral resources is able to qualitatively affect the state of the global nickel market. If until recently, Indonesia has set attractive prices for raw materials for manufacturers, thereby having an impact on the entire sector. Specific concerns regarding the planned ban expresses the Japanese Association, since about 40% Single Indonesia nickel ore exports to Japan only. At full export ban Japanese manufacturers will experience significant damage. To date, the Government of Indonesia with extreme caution relate to the issue of processing and to stimulate the formation of value-added nickel ore in the country. In the event that the Indonesian authorities will decide unanimously to impose any restriction or embargo on the export of minerals, such an action, they instantly reduce the current oversupply of nickel ore in the world market and to provoke its deficit. Then not be able to avoid a significant increase in nickel prices.

It should be noted that the world market of nickel ore has high hopes for China. This find a decent explanation to Mr held in Shanghai Congress decided to increase by 2020, the stainless steel production to 25 million tons, at a total level of consumption in the 20-Th million tons. After all, China has vast reserves of nickel ore.

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