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Kazakhmys change management team

One of the leading corporations in the field of copper production Kazakhmys decided to reorganize the industrial structure and change the general manager of the company. The new structural grid of the industrial complex is designed to optimize the control system. Also, such a decision is aimed at increasing the responsibility of the heads of the production system at all levels.

Position Director General powerful copper corporation after the reorganization measures taken Bakhtiar Krykpyshev. Prior to that, he has proven itself in a similar position in the mining group Kazakhmys compartment. Reports to the newly-born head directly to the chairman of board of the copper holding. And the presiding person intends to carry out both administrative and functional control of the leaders in the field.

The main activity of Bakhtiyar Krykpysheva (new general director of the corporation) will complete the strategic direction of the company and trends. An important element of the complex life is not only the production of non-defective product, but also compliance with the norms and standards of the production in all spheres of activity. So an important place in the plans for the near future take up environmental measures and the introduction of resource-saving technologies. Besides the newly-born CEO copper giant in the future plans to strengthen the control over the observance of safety measures in the workplace. Since the formation of clear goals and objectives in the field of occupational safety and health depends on the preservation of an important technological equipment and human resources.

The main criteria on which the selection was held for the management team of the holding steel production knowledge and extensive experience of applicants. It is also not the last role was played by the knowledge of the governing echelon of the problems and prospects of development of the region. After all, the effective interaction of production workers and heads of regional authorities will be fully depend on welfare the whole region.

With such a responsible and strategically correct approach to the formation of the structure of the plant Kazakhmys more than a dozen years, it is a leader in the field of copper production. High-quality enterprise products are in constant demand both on domestic spaces, as well as abroad.

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