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Quality - above all

Any proceedings should be not only safe, but also comply with numerous standards, or product demand may fall. To date, monitoring the extent to accurately followed all the rules and requirements, it paid no less time than by the issues of production or sales. Knowing this, «VSMPO-Avisma» did everything possible to doubt as titanium produced by them is not in doubt.

How did they manage to achieve results? Fortunately, help came innovative technologies. It is well known that the human factor in controlling the production of a frequently played a negative role. In addition, often discover shortcomings in the finished products, it proved impossible to establish at what stage it failed. And it is threatened by new batches of poor-quality titanium.

More recently, it was decided to seek the assistance of the equipment manufactured by German companies. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all the necessary diagnostic and research is being conducted online. Simply put, modern spectrometer, acquired to replace obsolete and worn-out, making a rapid analysis at different stages of production. With the help of such an analysis can not determine the ratio by weight of magnesium and iron in the titanium slag, from which, subsequently, is planned to produce titanium metal. Of course, at the slightest deviation from the norm, the value of which is programmed into the spectrometer, further work is titanium slag production line will be suspended until the elimination of deficiencies.

However, corporate management draws attention to the fact that under the current production volumes backup equipment does not hurt, so old spectrograph Israeli production has not yet been disconnected. The fact that the regime of the enterprise — is continuous, and the study should be carried out quickly (the result required for a quarter of an hour). Previously, it was difficult to reach and timeliness, and accuracy of the tests, but the German unit has helped to solve this problem. Of course, such innovations are useful not only for the company itself, but also for their customers, who do not have to worry about the quality of the acquired products from this manufacturer.

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