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Aluminium in the automotive industry

The unique properties of aluminum and its high performance figures in the most difficult situations have been applied not only in metallurgy. Due to the ease on the background of the significant durability and the ability to exercise a high corrosion resistance of aluminum has taken a worthy place in the automotive industry. Even the leaders of the production of premium cars like the Audi celebrated an important construction material in its strategic reserve. The leader in the supply of transport equipment of different levels and price range plans to use aluminum raw material for the creation of the housing elements of his new creation. This solution will significantly ease the design and make it more frisky. Concept latest development of the German manufacturer was presented in the famous motor show in Frankfurt, today manufacturers plan to start serial production of modern sports model. The basis for a new vehicle by the name of Audi Sport quattro will be somewhat shortened A6 platform.

And on a plan designers, the new model will not be unreasonably dorogushchim device with powerful power equipment and an array of modern bells and whistles. Engine parameters of this car promises to look pretty standard, but its volume will reach two and a half liters. Although vehicle output figures from Audi and not advertised, but at the same parameters of the previous models, we can conclude that this unit will have the agility no less than 340−360 horsepower. Lightweight body and a unique opportunity to make a similar copy of automotive technology is very popular and sold.

Compliance with the German automobile Audi production vehicles with the highest quality performance for a long time, no one in doubt. Continuous improvement is not only the appearance of the transport equipment, and basic concepts of its production allows the company to constantly maintain its leadership position in the industry. The use of light and durable modern materials for the manufacture of important elements of the body and working units makes an ordinary car in a completely surprising and mobile marvel of modern engineering. By the way the use of aluminum for the manufacture of various units of the car is popular for a long time enough, however, to bring this trend to perfection the first time managed to Audi.

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