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Features of the new scanner depends on the accuracy of manufacturing titanium cable

Applications of titanium in modern industry are quite diverse. One of the key industries that actively use such a material with unique processing characteristics, widely regarded as medicine.

By 2015, the German and French doctors, as well as engineering staff, in collaboration with scientists physicists promise to release the newest scanner, magnetic resonance type, which in strength and power do not have analogues in the world. At this stage, the project team of employees engaged in assembling a very strong magnetic instrument heart. The strength of the field from such a magnet according to preliminary calculations reaches eleven and a half tesla. To ensure such a high capacity is planned to produce more than two hundred kilometers of cable superfine alloy based on titanium and niobium. The accuracy of such products is estimated in micrometers and must be exactly the same all over for proper laying of semi-finished coils inside the magnet assembly. Such a product will have an ultra-high wired performance within a thousand amperes. Another embodiment of a cable manufacturing based on the application based on niobium and tin alloy as the raw material. However, the high brittleness of the material is considerably complicate the manufacture of the possibility of such a thin cable and shutter its uniform thickness.

To begin with the company manufacturer suggests to build only one copy of a unique scanner. Powerful magnet, designed to implement engineering design, has the power to not making special efforts to tear from the earth's surface of the object, weighing sixty tons. Inside the magnetic coil a special compartment of cylindrical form, which will accommodate the patient or volunteer for research will be located. Features of this device will provide unprecedented detail all the parts of the brain during the research and allow scientists to explore the smallest group of neurons, if necessary. Moreover, the developers assure that such a device can be used not only to track brain activity, but also for the study of various pathologies other internal organs.

This device takes medicine to a whole new level and will allow to provide the most thorough study of any disease process in the human body.

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