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Social projects of "Norilsk nickel"

In the autumn of this year, well-known metallurgical concern for the production of nickel and semi-finished products from it the city of Norilsk were summed up competition for the best project of social orientation. In total, there are winners and sixty-two, among which there are a variety of organizations and companies are non-commercial. The purpose of this event was the development of the social sphere in the region and improving the quality of life index of ordinary citizens. Premium Fund shares valued at twenty-five million Russian rubles, which is not so little today.

Judges for one hundred and eighty six contestants scale undertakings metallurgical giant became independent expert commissions directly from Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk and even the Russian capital. In a study of all the judges selected the most promising projects and current initiatives in their opinion, are able to serve the public good and the development of the social fund. Lead the way in the number of proposals submitted belongs to an employee of the educational sphere (approximately forty per cent of all projects).

This unusual and important competition has allowed not only to attract ordinary people in the region to address highly relevant issues today, but also contributed to the improvement of knowledge and skills of all participants in the design of social events. The winners will be able to realize their innovative ideas in the very near future, using grants provided by the well-known concern for the production of nickel. Developments affecting the winners of the most diverse areas of social life by scientific creative activity of children and the struggle for a healthy heritage of the country, to the study and preservation of cultural specificities, endangered peoples who reside on the territory of Russia. An important place in this competition took measures aimed at the improvement of the environment and environmental protection, and preservation for posterity of important historical buildings and monuments. Awarding organizations — winners and awarding of grants will take place in a festive atmosphere in the first week of November. According to the organizers, this event may be the first step in a series of similar actions, allowing a person to not only realize themselves, but also to serve for the benefit of society.

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