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The content in the ambient air provokes an increased lead concentration aggression seizures in children

According to research workers sanitary epidemiological station in the city of Zaporozhye the composition of air in the territory entrusted to them by the presence of large amounts of harmful impurities is dangerous not only for the respiratory system, but also for the psyche of the inhabitants and the general state of their health. The mass of air taken for research, contains almost the entire table of the chemical elements copper, manganese, aluminum and chlorine to sulfur, phenols, hydrogen, and even lead.

The reason for this deplorable situation was not so much the main production activities of city-forming enterprises, as emissions of exhaust pipes of many cars, the number of which in recent years has increased several times. According to the head of the municipal department of environmental protection all that is thrown out of the city residents in the atmosphere, it can not disappear without a trace. After all, the property of heavy metals and other toxic substances gradually accumulate beyond doubt. Therefore, all the malicious dust, settling on surrounding objects, and getting into the soil or water, continues its destructive effect for a long time, gradually deteriorating environmental situation.

Particularly dangerous content in the atmosphere of an elevated concentration of lead and its compounds. After all, a similar substance has a negative impact on the mental potential, especially in children, hindering the normal development of young citizens and provoking their increased aggressiveness. Just lead content reduces the ability of children to learn and inhibits their mental development. Most interesting is that the industrial enterprises for the production of heavy metals in this city lead emissions are no longer produced (because they do not work more than five years), most of the toxic waste comes from the gasoline used as a fuel by motorists. Given the presence of lead compounds in gasoline products processing, ambient air is saturated with harmful components daily. The slightest movement of air masses on a background of dry weather makes us constantly inhale dangerous substance that adversely affects human health. This situation is particularly dire effect on women during pregnancy, unfavorable environment increases the risk of birth of children with mental disorders, including autism.

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