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Increased inflow of Chilean copper production

Thanks to the unique properties of copper raw material is included as an important component in many of the technological and structural alloys, so the expansion of the production of much-needed material received increased attention worldwide.

In this slot quite clearly the trend of growth of the Chilean copper production in the relevant segment of the metal product market. According to reliable sources, compared with the current period of the previous year supply of raw copper from Chile increased by almost five and a half percent. Currently, the Chilean raw reddish accounts for almost a third of total world output of copper semis. However, such a rapid growth of productive capacity, eliminating the problems with the lack of raw material filling industrial complex, marked another weak link in the copper cover — is gradually falling qualitative indicator of the finished product. So well-known giants of copper production in Chile over the thoughtful refurbishment of their enterprises and the introduction of new technologies to improve the quality level of the finished feed. Such large-scale reconstruction change is impossible without reducing production capacity. To maintain output at the same level as a number of new global projects have been put into effect.

Due to the presence of a number of specific problems of the industrial character of the past year was marked by serious disruptions in the production of copper products in one of the largest processing plants of this area Collahuasi. This plant is located on the largest third in the world, therefore, a violation of its impact on the stable operation of the respective balance of the entire world community. However, after a series of improvements to copper release have managed to stabilize, and in the current year increase in the production capacity of the plant reached the forty-three percent. Also it increased the number of extracted raw materials in another important field Escondida. According to the latest data for the elapsed time of the year output growth in the Chilean copper production in the compartment he was six and three-tenths of one percent, which is estimated to quantify almost six million tons of high-grade copper. In the near future forecasts of Chilean companies are quite favorable, because the demand for red technological and structural materials promises to continually grow and increase.

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