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Prospects for the development of antimony market

Antimony Chinese production has fallen significantly in value and reached its lowest figure in the last few years. This situation is primarily due to a lull in the domestic market of raw materials as well as a decline in demand of foreign consumers. Therefore, in order to attract large customers with long-term contracts of Chinese antimony producers intend to further reduce the prices of their products.

Another option to reduce the cost of such semi-finished product is quite good accumulation of stocks of most steel companies, which are trying to reduce further the already low prices on antimony, guided by self-interest and the desire to sell their products. While fundamental change in the situation is not expected. If you continue this trend in the future the main leaders in the production of this raw material could face even bankruptcy.

It is interesting to note that until recently the situation in the antimony market looked a bit different. The peak of activity in the sector fell for 2006−2007, it was then that the ruling echelon direction of state policy of China to create its own independent resource base identified a significant role in the stabilization of the industrial complex. Improved safety and licensing process of extraction and processing of important material has led to the saturation of European markets enough quality raw materials. During the time period from 2001 to 2007, the growth of prices for the material was almost hundred percent.

Over the years, China is a major importer of antimony ore in the majority of both Asian and European countries. During the development of this sector of industry, Chinese manufacturers substantially pressed foreign suppliers. The lack of raw materials for the production of high quality industrial material in the Chinese territory did not become a significant obstacle to the growth of production. The main part of the concentrate is purchased in the Latin American countries and some other territorial regions.

To date, the growth of production capacity of Chinese antimony giants has led to a gradual glut respective market segment of finished products, in connection with which there has been a steady decline, and prices for goods and decadence in the production of antimony. Moreover, the demand for such a product not only determines policy in the field of exports of the main producer, but also the development of printing business, the electrical industry and other areas that are regular consumers of antimony.

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