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New life in the loss-making enterprises RUSAL plans to breathe

The agreements on cooperation known aluminum giant and Vnesheconombank will guarantee a new life for some companies in the production of aluminum, were among unprofitable. The signing of a memorandum between the industry leader and the leaders of the bank will give a chance to change the profile of the activity of some industrial complexes, to increase their power and to bring the bankruptcy hell. The main activity in this direction will be the issue of non-defective products and the demand of high-quality aluminum alloys and with his participation. This will include the production of various products for the automotive industry, production of semi-finished cable or rolling product.

The main part of these products will fill the Russian market. However, along with a similar direction of the semi-finished part will be focused on meeting the demand of foreign automakers, which have signed an agreement on increasing the share of Russian component parts in the manufacture of its products. Working in the framework of this memorandum for RUSAL will be primarily in the search for investors interested in a particular product form. Depending on customer needs, Aluminum Russian giant will provide the most suitable industrial base for the implementation of the order, retooling it accordingly.

On the part of the bank is supposed to actively participate as investors in the leader in the production of aluminum, if the projects proposed metallurgical concern, not run counter to the main activities of the bank's financial and investment nature. To decide on the feasibility of a project is expected to co-participation of the parties in the negotiations with potential investors. Moreover, the position of the companions are equivalent in financial matters, and in the organization of the process in the production areas.

Given the unfavorable situation on the steel market in recent years, such an action aimed at re-equipment of enterprises, depending on the current needs of the customer will contribute to the economic growth of the state and the maintenance of stability in the production of aluminum semi-finished products.

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