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New substitute for tungsten carbide Finnish production

Recently, Finnish scientists have invented a completely new and unique material, which will become a viable alternative to tungsten carbide. Technical Research Centre (VTT) for almost three years was developed and refined as part of the new raw material and production process of its production. In its main characteristics, such as strength, hardness and wear resistance Finnish invention is absolutely not inferior to its prototype — tungsten carbide compounds. Therefore, new materials will be in great demand in many sectors of industry. Because of the popularity of tungsten compounds quantitative inventory of the material decreases with catastrophic speed, so the quality substitute an important strategic product is a must.

Incidentally, unlike an alloy based on cobalt and tungsten carbide new Finnish invention is safe for human health and for the environment. Also, the new material, in addition to good resistance to wear and significant characteristics of hardness, very resistant to high temperatures. If we consider the fact that such a semi-finished product can be produced from quite common and relatively inexpensive raw materials, its important industrial value is not in doubt.

This product is perfect for the production of blades of various crushing machines or machine tools, and for heavy-duty tools. In addition the material a high performance can be widely used in the military sector for the production of reliable protective vests or armor to art. Special microscopic nano particles, which are involved in the manufacture of this product allow you to change its basic characteristics, depending on the final destination. For some, the initial composition of semi-finished products can be stronger, for others — a more lenient.

A new and very important invention of the scientific community can make a difference on the metal market radically, to make up the deficit important strategic and industrial material and reduce the cost of its production. The common raw material, which is used in production, would ensure that the deficit of such a product has come a very long time.

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