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Modernization Yaroslavsky mining complex in conjunction with

The owner of the mining complex in the town of Yaroslavl — International Aluminum Corporation «Rusal» has begun work on a full-scale reconstruction and modernization of production capacity plant. For this work, the owner of the Russian research institutes has attracted the focus and distinguished scientists — members of the Russian Academy of Science.

As reported by the media of aluminum concern management, today held coordination of the project the upcoming changes and improvements, as well as the issuance of technical specifications for the implementation of all planned works highly specialized firms and companies. To carry out such a large-scale mining operations Yaroslavl enterprise conserved, but its main activity is not completely frozen. For the remainder of the production at the plant left more than three hundred employees needed specialties. The rest of the employees of the received proposals for the new employment.

The main objective of an innovative project for the modernization of the whole complex of mining equipment Yaroslavl plant and technological principles of rich ore mining became the excretion of finished products to a new level, with the use of conventional raw materials. After the reconstruction of «Rusal» plans to increase production capacity of its subsidiary plant and thereby provide residents of the adjacent territory with new jobs. A prerequisite for such work was precisely the quality of semi-finished products, which descend from the conveyor Yaroslavl enterprises today. After all, the main consumers of this kind — plants for the production of cryolite impose lately more and more stringent requirements for quality indicators of incoming raw materials. Change the situation and to bring production to a new level will only complete re-mining complex and the introduction into circulation of new ore processing technology.

The release of large numbers of workers, provoked by the works on the reconstruction of the Yaroslavl plant, accompanied by the control of the regional administration. Initiator of mass layoffs — «Rusal», not only employs his former employees, but also to pay them financial compensation, as well as assists in the repayment of loan debt.

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