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Metal Yoga based on nickel and zinc to promote health by Lena Lenina

Some industrial metals under strictly dosed application can have a stimulating effect on various systems and organs of the human body. In recent years become increasingly popular variety of applicators, which are mats made of rubber, equipped with a set of metal needles or plastic plates with a needle surface. Proper and balanced selection of the composition of the surface of a stabbing at regular application is able to provide a therapeutic effect as the diseased organ and the human body as a whole.

Recently, very popular, this wellness equipment acquired among bohemians. Known in certain circles, writer and model concurrently named Lena Lenina every day before going to sleep necessarily carries a needle therapy using an applicator, sometimes falling asleep right on the effective massage tool. Her personal trainer to massage consists of a rubberized mat, manufactured by «Argo» and a set of acute nickel, zinc, copper, silver and iron needles. Although known to all and sundry the toxicity of nickel and zinc, the writer is confident that its flourishing appearance, good health and good mood, it owes its unique set of metals. After all, this kind of procedure nightly increase vitality, regulate metabolism, strengthen the immune system and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Experts explain the principle of the action of devices containing metallic needle is to occur at the puncture site of the skin, between adjacent elements at the tip and the needle itself, much of the galvanic current, which penetrates deeply into tissue and regenerating activates natural forces of the body. In the evening, Lena got used to fall asleep right on your favorite massage mat, and during the morning water treatment she gets her bare feet on the needle surface, stimulating the work of all internal organs and allow your body to fully wake up. This initiative fits well with the basic tendencies of the life of the writer, because it has long been a model of a healthy and active lifestyle for all the others.

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