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Aluminium parts for the car - good or bad?

Currently, aluminum and alloys thereof are widely used in the automotive industry. Many manufacturers of such vehicles in an effort to reduce the weight of its products, thereby ensuring lower fuel consumption during travel, without compromising strength properties, change some of the design of steel counterparts, made from aluminum.

However, not all the good intentions of manufacturers, automotive equipment users appreciated, most motorists do not share such bright prospects for producers. Not only is the car parts made of aluminum are much more expensive than their steel counterparts in terms of national roads, some units also wear out much faster than classical semis. For example, a new generation of suspension of lighter structural materials is not so durable and repair of body parts made of aluminum alloy requires the use of complicated and time-consuming process, using special equipment.

However, a closer examination of the problem of motorists opinion is somewhat exaggerated. Thus linkages are made of a soft silvery material, no way inferior to the length of service of steel products. The most common joints wear out quickly, and as these semi-finished products with leverage are a monolithic structure, which is necessary to change a single array, a distorted view of the low resistance affects the entire block. With regard to the resistance to loads new raw materials of various types, it became quite equivalent, and in some cases even superior to its characteristics (for example, under the influence of such torsional forces). The price of a new generation of products is virtually identical to its more outdated prototypes.

However, it should be noted that repair of aluminum body parts is really much harder than steel products, as new lighter materials more difficult to pull the cold. In the process changes to increase the compliance of the material must be heated, and then to deform. Moreover, certain aluminum structural parts of the machine in general can not be repaired and must be replaced, whereas, the steel structure can be easily repaired. But all the same saved countless gallons of gasoline or other fuels, due to a significant reduction in vehicle weight aluminum is an excellent compensation for the cost of repairs, which with careful handling will be done less frequently.

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