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Judicial background of the Chinese tin industry

Metal production profitable business and is sometimes associated with large financial risk. In spite of the constant fluctuation of prices on the metal market or in the production of various alloys in general, this compartment industry often plays a decisive role in the stability of the economy and the welfare of its inhabitants.

More recently, the whole world rang a sensational trial against one of the directors of the largest group in the world market, producing tin. Lei was arrested by the Chinese government for accepting a bribe, giving of which was marked by a loud trial. Recently, the Chinese government has actively embarked on a restoring order in the country and actively fight against corruption, both politically and economically compartment. In the summer of this year, China launched an investigation into corrupt activities head the Communist Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors of large tin of Chinese company Yunnan Tin Co. According to prosecutors, the reason for the investigation became a serious breach of discipline and ethics by the person.

During the proceedings leading tin China company entrusted the duties of the Deputy Director General, former chairman of the board of directors. The total amount received by bribery under investigation, is a little over three million US dollars. Also during the trial opened even some episodes of criminal activity Lei I. So far, the Chinese law enforcement authorities mainly assorted cases of bribery by some Chinese officials, the head of the industrial corporation was in the investigation lens for the first time.

Some of the information services of both foreign and domestic focus has recently been informed about the prosperity of ordinary citizens of bribes in the pharmaceutical industry. Almost every Chinese pharmaceutical company has enjoyed the patronage of a government official, bringing some modest fee for a good attitude. The fight against corruption in China is gaining more and more momentum, eliminating the cancer graft various layers, both politicians and the country's economy. This scale in this sphere is already yielding some results, and promotes continuous replenishment of the treasury of the state.

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