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Steel special purpose submarine

Strategic project «Northwind», developed by the Group Severodvinsk «Sevmash» is used as a raw material for the manufacture of modern underwater ship, cruiser type steel for special purposes, produced Magnitogorsk metallurgical complex.

Underwater vessels are now a major part of the Russian fleet, designed to deter the enemy on the open sea. The unit works on the atomic fuel and equipped with a set of tools, among which the most important place is given to intercontinental ballistic missile type. Because of the special strategic importance of this military objective approach to raw materials for the manufacture of a submarine to be appropriate. Therefore, when choosing the company of the manufacturer of ship steel was preferred to combine, not once well established in the industry.

Cooperation shipbuilding group with known metallurgical company has more than a dozen years, culminating in yet signed the 2011 memorandum of the full-scale strategic support. This agreement stipulates how the joint work on the scientific and technological field in the development of unique materials for the production of special-purpose vessels and the construction of high-quality and reliable delivery chain of metal raw materials to the consumer. Combining two of these giants has allowed the world to see the results of such a significant project as the construction of the huge helicopter named «Vladivostok».

Features and range of products on the Magnitogorsk metal-complex increased significantly after the launch of a new line of postural 5000. After this modernization, the company has been able to not only produce different pipe products of large diameter, and produce almost a full set of equipment for oil platforms in harsh environments. Modern set began to produce the famous combine quite successfully used in the manufacture of powerful Arctic icebreakers and bridges, boilers or other critical equipment. The certification of a wide range of steel products well-known Russian and foreign companies guarantees high quality and reliability of these products.

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