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Change bronze coins on steel silver coins in Ukraine

An important technological and material called bronze long been firmly entrenched in our lives, not only as a technological industrial alloy, but also in the form of high art or money filling. After all, the original and very beautiful bronze sculptures, covered with elegant patina of various colors, please look connoisseurs of art for hundreds of years, and pyatidesyatikopeechnye coins, made of high quality alloy of copper and aluminum, filled compartment for coins in your purse every citizen of Ukraine.

However, not so long ago, quite unexpectedly, in the field of monetary production has undergone substantial transformation. Instead of the usual bronze blanks in the production of fifty dollars Ukrainian national bank workers began to use standard forms of low-carbon steels, coated with a special coating. Externally similar to the coin does not differ from its predecessor, and the life of a new product, taking into account the special properties of the formulation used for the semi-plating, did not give the bronze counterpart. After the introduction of the new circulation coins of unusual (in October 2013), the old silver coins will be gradually withdrawn from circulation.

According to the administrative board of the central bank of the country the new material did not affect the degree of protection against counterfeiting of coins. The main and almost the only prerequisite for such a radical solution was the increase in prices for non-ferrous metals and bronze, including in the context of the world market. This trend, which lasted for the past few years has led to a significant rise in the cost of manufacturing conventional coins and become a prerequisite for the search for a new solution, which is the use of a cheaper material. This output can reduce the cost of minting process and save investment in it.

Previously, some varieties of stainless steel used for the manufacture of coins worth one, two and five cents, and settlement currencies in denominations of ten, twenty-five, fifty cents and one hryvnia made of aluminum bronze. Timely decision will allow National Bank to stabilize the economic situation and consolidate the complete filling of the value expression of each coin. We are all hostages of the economy and politics of their state, this statement is not to anyone in great secrecy and banking services are no exception.

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