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Growth in the share of refined copper in total sales is growing steadily

Ratio quality refined copper, which is produced by solvent extraction, steadily increasing. To date, the quantitative equivalent of such a product is approaching to thirteen percent of the total volume of all the material. However, this technology is still the exception to the rule, because the majority of domestic manufacturers, among which is «Norilsk Nickel» prefers electrolysis methods.

In recent years, the supply of copper products significantly increased the role of some Asian countries and Chile, which in the last few decades has become a recognized leader in the supply of refined copper raw materials. In comparison with 1960, to date, the volume of copper sales of Chilean production increased by nearly 2,000 percent. Due to the increasing capacity of the plant for the smelting of copper in China and Japan, the Asian supply for the same period reached Chilean volumes.

According to forecasts expert services to decline at this redistribution is still far in the future production of the raw materials will continue to grow worldwide. However, this fact is the reverse side of the coin, because such a significant expansion of the supply of copper may lead to lower prices for important technological and structural material. Additional role in such circumstances can play a task policy of the Chinese government to limit the export of their country's various non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Despite the constant increase in the number of proposed raw materials, on the copper market, in recent years there was some tension. The reason for this phenomenon was the decline in the quality of high-grade ore, which affected the quality of the finished product. His contribution to the general principles of excitement made material production. The basic amount of the copper raw material is extracted by mining method, and thus is associated with relatively high production costs, affecting the final cost of the product. It is also important to note the excitement in the political arena (political structure instability in countries earner is directly related to the reliability of the enterprises of the copper-tier). The lack of infrastructure in places of development of new deposits slows down the process of material production. But, despite all the difficulties, the production of copper still will continue to grow and can lead to a global glut of material market data.

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