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Unusual use of aluminum foil

Aluminum is due to a number of unique properties is quite popular technological material. In modern industry, it is highly demanded both in pure form or as part of a major structural alloys. However, in addition to the main purpose of aluminum it has also a number of unusual ways to use that can benefit our daily lives.

So, rolled a ball of aluminum foil to prevent the accumulation of static electric charge on the clothing. Therefore putting such a thing in the tumble dryer, you insure yourself from the problem of electrification of the wardrobe. Just out of the metal foil will be a great help when ironing delicate garments. If you lay a similar litter the ironing board and put on top of items that require ironing, they can spread without touching a hot iron. Simply turn on the intensive stripping on your machine for ironing and hold the device over the article of clothing at a distance of three centimeters. Also a thin sheet of aluminum foil will help to quickly and accurately sharpen scissors that dull with use. Just like leaf roll several times and cut his blunt scissors. After repeating this procedure two or three times, scissors again become acute.

Foil aluminum effectively replace the sponge for cleaning dishes. If a ball of a similar material to rub the bottom of the pan or pot, then the remaining burnt-on food easily and quickly fall behind on the bottom surface of the cookware. Incidentally, the solution of aluminum salt and a small amount of fine polishing silverware. Simply put in a container of cold water, a thin aluminum sheet and add a couple of teaspoons of table salt. Soaked in the resulting composition of silverware, a few minutes later acquire a primordial radiant appearance. You just need to wipe them dry. Also, aluminum has good shielding properties, if you put a layer of the material between the TV and the VCR, then both devices will not interfere with each other at work.

All of the above ways to simplify your life based on the unique properties of a soft silvery metal, which are widely used not only in industry, but also in our daily lives. Therefore, aluminum foil roll will never be more than the house, and in a difficult situation, it was he who can come to your aid.

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