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German silver amulet

Along with the industrial and domestic use such as a nickel silver alloy is important astrological application. After all, the history of amulets based alloy of nickel and copper has very ancient roots. According to some sources, its name unique material shall name one of the Magi, who first discovered the magical properties of the raw material, and thus gave him a widespread, both in magic and in everyday life.

Energy flows of the planets Saturn and Venus, joined in an unusual material, giving it a special aura, which has beneficial effects on many of the zodiacal constellations. Most harmoniously combined with the products of German silver Libra. Due to the high activity of the energy supply of nickel silver is practically inexhaustible, it does not lose its properties over time, but rather opens up an even greater depth of its perfection. Jewellery and amulets made of this material brings to life the owner of the concentration of will and attention, harmony in relationships, resistance to stressful situations and provide the balance of decision-making. These products lead and guide human life forcing make the right decisions and do not turn away from the intended path.

It is important to note that not all people are equally valid nickel silver, it gives its owner the same qualities that he lacks for absolute harmony with yourself and the world around. If by nature man is too soft and inert and indecisive in choosing the charm of nickel silver give it activity, streamline disparate thoughts and make the operation more efficient. Too energetic owner, contrary alloy able to soothe and balance. Scope of knowledge in symbiosis with nickel silver acquires wisdom, love gets understanding, and interpersonal relationships — tolerance. This material is sufficiently supportive applies to many precious and semi-precious stones, it is very harmoniously with them combined filters and their quality, providing its owner with only the necessary energy supply, eliminating the surplus. However, this quality has another side, if mishandled stone in German silver frame will quickly lose strength, expending their energy. To prevent this phenomenon need to constantly feed the energy potential of these stones, silver plate or foil in the bottom of the product.

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