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Preservation losses

In the Volgograd plant aluminum refining the process of preservation of technological capacities. This company is part of the famous group «RUSAL» and has long been a part of the loss-making group. Today, the company completely stopped electrolysis. How to explain the management of the group, the last straw for making such a radical solution was the increase in the electricity price. The increased costs brought the company teetered on the brink of bankruptcy for the full line profitability.

Cardinal giant industrial solution which will lead to a sharp rise in unemployment, excited power at the regional level. The governor of the region Sergei Bozhenov assured the media that personally take care of the fate of the dismissed employees. Deputy corps issued for public comment a proposal to change the tariffs for electricity and other energy sources for large industrial enterprises.

The general solution of aluminum giant's shareholders decided to be as radical measures in relation to four other plants such direction. After all, against the background of decline in world prices for finished metal products increase the cost of energy services for the company to make a similar unnecessary ballast in the Group's balance sheet. In accordance with the work plan and timetable-scale conservation of the Volgograd plant will start from the first of November. While management and promises one of the workers do not lay off, but a sharp drop in capacity of the enterprise will inevitably lead to the natural release of one quarter of all plant employees. If now the number of workers of the Volgograd plant is estimated at one thousand six hundred men, only one-third of the original composition of the workers (about 480 people) will be used after the preservation in the main proceedings.

As the protection of the interests of workers trade union committee of the company has signed an additional agreement with the supreme leadership of the group, according to which those workers who do not want to stay in the factory with the payment of two-thirds of a month's salary for a simple get compensation for dismissal and a number of additional benefits. monetary compensation equivalent amount from five to seven companies worker salary, depending on position.

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