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When rust stainless steel

As we all know, the main advantage of stainless steel is its ability to actively resist the formation of rust on the surface, which follows from the very name of the material. In addition, stainless steel is very hygienic raw materials with high levels of environmental security, so even such semi-finished products used for the manufacture of containers for storage or transport of foodstuffs. However, sometimes even less resistant to the destruction of the material in some situations, it may lose some of their useful properties.

Along with many application areas, stainless steel is widely used for the manufacture of surgical and manicure instruments. Nerzhaveek Group, which is used in surgery, was designated the name «surgical steel» for such raw materials imposed particularly strict requirements on the composition and quality of manufacturing. Moreover, each type of such alloy has a limited scope. It is important to note that in such a perspective, this can be considered raw as conditionally stainless material, that is, products from it resists rust on the surface under certain specific conditions of use. Blame the fact that surgery is used technical stainless steel, which contains very small percentage of nickel on a background of excess carbon.

The raw materials used in the food sector, with a nickel proportion of at least 18 percent, can resist the corrosive processes and rust better than technical products. Why is the food material is not suitable for surgery or nail salons? The reason is quite simple, all a matter of product hardness. Accurate medical instrument must be sufficiently strong and solid, and the increase in the nickel content gives the opposite effect, adding the material ductility and softness. The hardness of the material attached carbon which by increasing its amount in the steel forms a strong connection with the chromium fractions that promote corrosion processes. For convenience foods, where the hardness is not so important, it is possible to reduce the carbon content to a minimum, and medical products, such a transformation is not tolerated. Therefore, those of stainless steel, which are intended for the manufacture of various surgical instruments are not so resistant to the development of corrosion, to completely eliminate the negative impact on the surrounding such products must be strong enough to try.

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