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Large investments in the Russian copper industry

At the industrial exhibition of international importance «INNOPROM», which this year for the fourth time since its inception collects individual stakeholders for the presentation of new projects and the exchange of experience distinguished Russian company. The furore has made one of the biggest recent investment projects submitted by the RCC (Russian Copper Company). Planned investments financial investments, the famous leader of the copper industry in Russia sent for the development of new mining processing plant which will begin full operation in the fourth quarter of 2013. Construction costs of the complex according to preliminary estimates estimated at about twenty-six billion Russian rubles. After all, the company with the name «GOK Mikheyevsky» was built by a private company from scratch and today is one of the largest complexes of this level in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

It is important to note that this copper deposit is of great importance not only for the Russian economy, but also included in the list of the largest mining and processing plants in the world. In the near future the introduction of innovative technologies and the latest advances in the copper industry to «Mikheyevsky» plant promises to turn him into a real experimental station of national importance. Here it is supposed to implement the new methods of ore processing and the use of modern development of the necessary raw materials extraction from the earth. The next project RMK will launch another major copper «Tomino» field, its opening is scheduled for 2015. Two of the copper mining giant, despite the overall depletion of raw copper in the basement compartment industries are able to provide the necessary material RMK at least another quarter of a century. A gradual planned development areas of deposits in the future history of the Urals spilled copper (in fact there are two plant), for at least another hundred years.

The planned capacity of «newborn» business shortly after the launch should reach eighteen million tons of copper ore and two hundred and seventy thousand tons — concentrate annually. Besides all of the above, the opening of these facilities will provide about seven hundred new jobs, which is also important for the Russian economy. The main direction of RMK recently aimed at mastering the principles of rational copper production and high environmental safety of the production.

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