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The rapid growth of profits aluminum giant

Early on in the year, one of the largest factories for the production of aluminum Alcoa in the world for more than half increased their profits compared to last year same period. The cash equivalent of such a powerful growth amounted to about 149 million US dollars. This rapid financial well-dawn could not affect the value of the shares, the price of which has increased significantly.

In its structure, Alcoa is a global concern, which is composed of hundred twenty two thousand employees. Enterprises aluminum giant are in forty-four countries of the world community. To date, this company is the most important supplier of large-scale structural materials, both in pure form and in the form of different alloys in the world. Aluminium produced at Alcoa plants, used for the aviation industry, or the production of spacecraft, as well as for the construction sector, the automotive industry or the manufacture of semi-finished products packaging.

Guide-known company is not going to stop at that level, and to seek new financial and creative victories. Such rapid growth in the profitability of its business complex company's management attributes the good organization of work, the use of new technologies and the full impact from the collective. Also, do not exclude from the forge successful timely planning and a good job of marketing services corporation. For timely assessment of trends in demand allows time to respond to the changing needs of the market and the political situation in the world, to adjust the list of products to meet the new needs of customers.

Particular attention is paid aluminum magnate introduction of new raw materials processing technologies, energy-saving settings and other developments aimed at enhancing the impact of production and reducing the cost of the production. After all, on a par with the high quality of the raw material for this industry the ability of enterprises to compete successfully with other manufacturers, it is important to take into account the pricing policy and work towards reducing the cost of the finished product. It is worth noting that during the period of growth and dawn Alcoa, the profits of Russian companies for the production of aluminum fell by more than seven times.

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