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In Japan, a significant reduction in imports of tin is observed

Recently, some changes in the tin market was recorded in Japan, particularly due to the introduction in recent years of restrictions on their export directly from Indonesia. Previously allowed to export to the revision in Thailand, the People's Republic of China and Malaysia the material even with ninety-nine per cent of tin, but now, after the introduction of new rules from July this year, allowed to export to export only 99.99 percent purity of the metal. This is completely transferred from previous trade rules to the level of prohibition.

It is because of the introduction of such rules, trade declined in July compared with July up to six thousand eight hundred tons. For the future it is planned to restrict trade this metal only spread to stock exchanges that are much stronger and so will exacerbate rather problematic situation in the industry.

Previously, Japan could take about twenty-five — thirty-three thousand tons of tin import every year, but now the situation has changed radically. At this time, experts have to notice a significant decrease in the number of imported tin.

To compare this year to last, it is important to recall that last year it was imported about twenty-seven thousand tons, of which more than fourteen and a half thousand tons were imported from Indonesia, more than eight thousand tons of tin — directly from Thailand, about two and a half thousand tons — from Malaysia, as well as nearly one thousand tons — from Vietnam and nearly five hundred tons — from Bolivia.

And since the beginning of this year and the end of July imports of tin fell to sixteen thousand tons, of which over seven thousand tons were imported from Indonesia, six thousand tons — from Thailand, more than a thousand tons — from Malaysia, half a ton — from Vietnam, almost three hundred tons — from China, as well as nearly three hundred tons — from Brazil, and more than two hundred tons — from Bolivia.

Statistics show that the decline in imports to Japan, likely is connected with reduction of the flow of material for additional processing of certain countries, which include Thailand and Malaysia. After analyzing the data for July, the analysts concluded that this month in Japan was brought import more than two and a half thousand tons, which was 5.7 percent higher than in the previous month. At the same time statistics show that from Indonesia were imported to eighty percent more than in the previous month, which was the highest for the importation of two years. But supplies from Malaysia and Thailand decreased, respectively, but thirty-three and forty-two and a half percent.

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