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In Asia, opening up new enterprises for the production of gallium

Construction of a new enterprise for the production of gallium, as well as a variety of products based on it in South Korea recently became operational.

Accordingly, the earlier statements about the planning of construction, one of the world's largest 5N Plus producers chose this country as a platform for placing the future of the plant is due to the growing demand from a large number of companies that have recently specialized in the production of various electronic equipment.

As planned, the company started to operate after the beginning of this year, and immediately opened up a fairly close collaboration with the local electronics manufacturers. This project has received quite tangible investments, which fully demonstrated the company's ability to meet all the needs of customers in this area in any region of the world.

Expansion of gallium production activities in Asia is just part of the planned growth strategy, as it is expected a fairly broad expansion of demand in this part of the world, as stated by the representatives of the new company 5N Plus, which recently started operations in Malaysia. This plant, which will manufacture small metals, one of which is gallium. Its location is situated Technopark Kulim High, so that the company intends to produce the necessary elements for the manufacture of solar cells. In other words, it will provide the necessary services for companies involved in the direct production of solar panels.

In addition, according to representatives of the newly established companies, it increased its share in the authorized capital of such a large Chinese factory as an MCP Metals, which is engaged in manufacture of gallium, up to one hundred percent.

Judging by the number appeared in the last few years in the metal industry business area, Asia clearly is one of the first places in the sphere of strategic interests of 5N Plus. No wonder that the company has launched a completely new plant, which began to actively recycle waste, which contain a variety of valuable metals in November the year before. As shown by this information, the company's management are clearly present far-reaching plans that directly knit with the processing of metals and the manufacture of these various essential products.

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