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Ukraine reduces the production of ferroalloys and Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant general plans at all to suspend operation

During the first half of this year, all Ukrainian ferroalloy enterprises sharply reduced production of these precious metals, which is a significant figure compared with last year, as the decline was fixed at twenty-two percent to four hundred thousand tons.

From ferroalloy metals should be noted decrease in production of silicomanganese fourteen percent to three hundred and six thousand tons of ferromanganese — forty-eight percent to forty-four thousand tons of ferrosilicon — twenty-nine percent to fifty-three and a half tons, and reduced production of manganese metal in the fifty-seven per cent to three and a half thousand tons.

In particular, the plant in Nikopol ferroalloys has reduced the number of production by twenty percent to two hundred and fifty thousand tons, among which decrease production of silicomanganese thirteen percent to two hundred and thirty thousand tons, ferromanganese and almost two and a half to twenty-two thousand tons. There are also reports that the Nikopol can completely stop production due to the requirements of the customs authorities to raise the cost of imported manganese ore.

Compared to Nikopol Zaporozhye plant has reduced the production of ferroalloys by about four per cent to one hundred thousand tons, including silicomanganese, which began to be produced at the two percent increase, that is, up to sixty nine thousand tons, ferromanganese, whose production fell by twenty-three per cent to twenty-two thousand tons. Also it should be noted decrease in the manufacture of manganese metal by as much as fifty-seven per cent to three and a half thousand tons.

In addition, it is important to note the decrease in the production of ferroalloys Stakhanov plant where manufacturing was reduced to forty-five percent to fifty-six thousand tons, including silicomanganese started made at the sixty-eight and a half percent less than eight and a half thousand tonnes and ferrosilicon — at thirty-seven percent less, and more precisely to forty eight thousand tons.

You need to know that even in the last year, a significant reduction in the production of Ukrainian enterprises were registered, manufactures ferroalloys, compared with the previous year. For example, statistics show that fourteen percent was produced in the last year is less than the year before.

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