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Dangerous nickel

Production of nickel and its production is fraught with huge, and often deadly, and for nature and for humans. Since pure soft silvery metal is not found, then it is extracted from nickel ore. This ore is in the best case contains only ten percent of the necessary strategic and structural material. The rest of the volume of ore mass occupy other components, some of which may occur quite dangerous companions, such as uranium or mercury. Before the treatment and recovery of nickel from the ore on the Earth's surface rises all the source material with a deadly additional components in addition. After a series of events for the extraction of nickel ore semi-finished product is a very large number as chemical waste and process water dead. Acidic water is often merges directly into rivers and lakes located near the nickel complex plants without pre-treatment.

Another byproduct and unchanged satellite nickel extraction is sulfur. Couples who stand out from the sulfur-containing waste can systematically kill the fertile black soil and water. In addition, production of nickel ore leads to a systematic reduction in the level of groundwater reservoirs, which leads to a change in the structure of the landscape. After all, those voids that remain after the extraction of raw material deposits of nature fills in its sole discretion. Over time, these changes and the decline of ground water resources can lead to a true drought.

Particularly concerned about the situation of the residents of Norilsk, where there are a large enterprise for the production of nickel and nickel-containing group «Norilsk Nickel» alloys. Indeed, despite assurances from the owners of the corporation in a reliable purification system, and a full environmental safety, Norilsk is a leader both in the presence of harmful contaminants in the environment, and the incidence among children and adults. Especially bloom and look younger here lately cancer. Many health professionals openly tell the parents of seriously ill children that the only chance for their offspring to survive and preserve the health of a change of residence.

Thus, on the one side it has nickel important structural and technological importance. Without this material with high heat resistance properties and corrosion resistance of the manufacturing costs are not responsible for industrial equipment. On the other hand manufacturing process of soft silvery material is very dangerous and can kill all life around. The solution to this problem becomes a philosophical category and unambiguous answer is no, what is more valuable — the benefits for the entire country or the life and health of each individual.

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