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Erected new mine at the deposit of copper Anniversary

The company «Bashkir copper», which is a group of companies «Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company», began developing «Northern Ventilation» trunk on copper deposit «Jubilee». The mine is located on the eastern slope of the Southern Urals, on the watershed between the rivers and Buzavlyk Tanalyk in the Republic of Bashkortostan (Russian Federation), in Khaybullinsky District.

According Bayrasa Bilalova occupying a post on the site of the development area commander, at the production site has now been elevated to administrative complex, as well as put into the work of diesel power. In the process of development is leveling pad. And before the end of this year — according to a representative of the company — «Bashkir copper» are planning to go more than forty meters of the finished bore, and expect to bring to it all the necessary utilities.

According to experts of the company, for three and a half years, experts will be able to fully carry out installation of copra and pit head buildings and «North vent» trunk pass to a depth of 1,130 meters. Besides — say engineers «Bashkir Copper» — during this time will fully ensure smooth operation of winch equipment.

Earlier it was reported that preparations for the Development of the «Jubilee» underground mine copper deposit was launched in the spring of 2010. Total ore reserves there are estimated by experts at the level of 100 million. Tons. At the moment, work is underway on the construction of several shafts, including «cage», «South Vent» and complex trunk «Inclined congress» (where the work is carried out with the edge of the pit with 270 meters of the horizon). The design capacity of underground mining is estimated by experts at the level of 2.625 million. Tons of ore per year. The total volume of investment flows in the construction of the mine this year should exceed 42.37 mln. US dollars.

Recall that the copper-pyrite deposit «Jubilee» includes six ore deposits. His bowels are rich in copper, zinc, gold, silver and gray. Also on the site is possible extraction of selenium, cadmium, tellurium, indium, germanium, thallium and gallium. The development of this field was started back in 1996, but work on the extraction of ore repeatedly stopped by all sorts of reasons. Prior to March 1, 2006, engaged in the development of deposits of «Haybullinskaya mining company.»

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