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The price of nickel may soon increase

Analysts commodity sector note: under the influence of the unstable global trends in financial markets, which are more associated with investment expectations regarding the policies of the largest state and interstate regulatory structures than with any fundamental reasons, nickel cost in July 2013. There were numerous large adjustments in a wide price range. Quotes resource «rushing» from the mark of 13.3 thousand. Dollars per ton to the level of 14.35 thousand., And then (within a few days), again dived to a record-low (since June 2009) indicators. Meanwhile, as previously stated by experts «Ural metallurgical group», the actual demand for nickel market situation did not render any significant negative impact. In addition, unhurried, but persistent growth of the global economy today leads to the market is still uncertain, but it has tangible shift towards an escalation of the consumption of the metal.

Experts are sure that the current policy of Japan on weaker yen stimulates the development of the domestic manufacturing sector. Also, the trend of economic growth in China (on the background of the ongoing reforms in order to maintain stability in the current situation). Recall that China's National Bureau of Statistics reported earlier that the total revenue of industrial enterprises mainland in June 2013 increased by 6.3% compared with June 2012. «Despite the fact that the experts predicted the expected growth rate of 15.5% has not been confirmed, it is a very good indicator for the Chinese economy» — analysts say.

Nickel Market operators note: in the light reveals the circumstances, it is clear that the fundamental global demand for a variety of industrial metals, in particular Ni, increases. In addition, the pricing of the resource should have a positive impact of the introduction of Indonesia's export ban on crude nickel ore in January 2014. The government aims to increase the value added of the industrial sector, therefore, wants to force local companies to operate in deeper processing of raw mode. It is therefore expected that the difference between supply and demand of nickel in the world markets will continue to decline, and consumers metal will increase its additional stocks in the near future. Analyzing these events, some manufacturers now predict a rise in the average price of nickel to the level of spring 2012 — to the corridor at a mark of 18 thousand dollars per ton.

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