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non-ferrous metal production Fire extinguished in the Swedish mine

According to official reports the Swedish authorities, mountain rescuers managed to put out the fire that erupted recently in Kristineberg mine (mine ores of copper, lead, zinc and precious metals), which is located in the municipality of Lycksele in the north. Due to the fire under the ground at a depth of more than a thousand meters, were trapped 22 workers, local mining company. At this point — according to foreign media — rescue teams engaged in raising freed from captivity fiery miners to the surface. According to preliminary data, none of the employees of the mine was not injured, however, according to the journalists, they are now in a state of shock.

R anee reported that a fire at a mine mentioned above broke out on Sunday (August 25). Some workers took refuge in special shelters, however, until the complete elimination of fire rescuers could not estimate how many people were affected. Rescue operations were complicated by a very strong cigarette smoke. According to preliminary data fire was caused by a technical malfunction of the ventilation system of one of the compressor, resulting in a mine filled a thick acrid smoke.

This is not the first fire in the Swedish mines, broke out in the current month. So, about two weeks ago, a fire broke out in one of the oldest mines of the country — in the Garpenberg mine (the central part of the state), which manages the company «Boliden». At that time, a fire started at a depth of about 800 meters. Then in a fire under the ground in the emergency room were blocked by four employees of the company, however, in the course of the rescue operation to evacuate all of them failed.

Recall that the Swedish Kristineberg mine in operation since 1940. In it, by far, the ore mined zinc, lead, copper, and precious metals — gold and silver. The total depth of the mine is 1,300 meters. In total 240 employees in the company is listed.

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