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Glencore Xstrata is preparing to disclose the value of its nickel assets

According to news agency «Reuters», the Anglo-Swiss mining holding company «Glencore Xstrata» (the world's largest supplier of commodities, and rare earth metals) in the near future will be ready to disclose the value of assets acquired in the process of absorption of the mining enterprise «Xstrata», the last 2 — May of the current year. It is expected that the data obtained in the course of the audit, will be announced on 20th August 2013. At the same time, it will be made public the amount of net profit, which was the concern in the first half of the current fiscal year. Already, experts believe that the value of the assets «Xstrata» is estimated at 5−7 bln. Dollars.

Analysts believe that the nickel assets of holding a total value of $ 5 billion. May be re-evaluated in the smaller side (in view of the fact that the nickel quotations on the world market deteriorated almost tripled in the past five years, while the supply of the metal is still consistently exceeds demand on him). In spite of this, the value of other assets «Xstrata», which include copper mines and investment infusion group in promising projects, it can be increased as a result of the audit referred to above.

Since the beginning of this year, the global mining industry (and the nickel sector is no exception) is not experiencing the best of times influenced by the fact that commodity prices are constantly falling markets. To date, representatives of «Glencore» declined to comment on how the current situation affects their company. Meanwhile, the special production cuts now nickel mining corporations power is not happening: it is known that in the second quarter of this year the holding has reduced the production of this resource by only 0.3%.

From expert forecasts, it is clear that revenues «Glencore» for the first half of this year could exceed 5.88 billion. Dollars, of which net profit of only 1.7 billion. Dollars. However, the Corporation has not yet been released similar data a year ago, because of what the judge does not appear in this slice of the dynamics of development possible.

Recall that the holding company «Glencore Xstrata» is engaged in extraction and processing of metal ores (among them — aluminum, ferroalloys, nickel, zinc, copper and lead), trade in minerals, crude oil and its derivatives, as well as coal and products for agricultural purposes. Among the company's assets — 10.3% of the shares of «Russian Aluminum», shares in subsidiaries 'Russneft', deposits of nickel and zinc in Australia, Peru, Chile, South Africa and Kazakhstan.

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