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Avisma is looking for partners in the Tambov titan of the number of companies with related interests

According to representatives of the media, Mikhail Voevodin, who served as the head of the corporation «VSMPO-Avisma», his company is planning in the near future to attract partners from related industries to implement the Project for the development of the Central deposit of titanium ores located in the Tambov region. According to the head, it is now the project is at the stage of completion of a feasibility study.

Mikhail Voevodin also noted that the management of the corporation is already clear — the development of the field would entail substantial investment injections. Alone, «VSMPO-Avisma» the company will be difficult to implement such financing. Because the organization was engaged in the search for partners, and to find their leadership organization counts among the companies that are directly interested in the resource base, but it is not acting for the competitors of the asset owner to titanium metal market. So — gives an example head of the corporation — it may be companies that produce paints.

Recall that at the beginning of the year the Corporation «VSMPO-Avisma» got the right to directly dispose of 99.86% of shares of OOO GPK «Titan», which, in turn, holds the license for the development of the Central deposit in the Tambov region (100% of the share capital «Neftprominvesta «who owned GIC Ltd.» Titan «," Avisma «got back in the middle of last year). Therefore, at this point full control over the Tambov now in the hands of the owners of the titanium corporation.

«Central» — is Russia's largest titanium deposit. Its area is estimated at 12.5 thousand hectares, and the approximate reserves of titanium dioxide -. At the level of 1.3 million tonnes.

«VSMPO-AVISMA» — the world's leading enterprise for the production of titanium, as well as the first supplier of raw materials for the company, «the Airbus» and the second — for the corporation «Boeing». The main industrial and service units of the organization are located in Russia, but in the number of corporations have assets and foreign structures. The main of these subsidiaries — OOO «VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE», «NF & M International» (produces billets and bar stock of titanium) and the company «Tirus» (it includes several subsidiaries engaged in sales and distribution services to corporations in the territory of Europe and North America).

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