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VSMPO-AVISMA titanium products presented at the exhibition in Japan

Titanium Corporation «VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation» (the first time in its history) participated in professional exhibition held in Japan. We are talking about the participation of Russian companies in the 17 th «M-TECH 2013» international exhibition of components, parts and components for industrial equipment, which, according to tradition, took place in the first month of summer in Tokyo.

This year the Tokyo event were about two thousand enterprises, as well as guests of the exhibition looked around 75 thousand visitors of the sixteen countries, of which (except the Japanese) — the US, China, France, Germany, India, Singapore, Russia and other state.

Despite the drop in demand for titanium products among Japanese consumers in recent years, interest in the stand Verkhnesaldinskoye corporation was high. And the very last exhibition was the largest in the history of.

As analysts say, «VSMPO-AVISMA» slowing demand for «winged metal» in the Land of the Rising Sun — a temporary phenomenon. And the growth of domestic titanium market in Japan, along with the strengthening of the position of the local currency is expected at the latest in 2014. Against the background of this revival of the Russian company's management hopes to lay a solid foundation for fruitful cooperation with Japanese partners that open titanium corporation highly promising market of the country in technical terms.

At its booth, «M-TECH 2013» Russian Corporation exhibited titanium sheet, plate, welded pipe, a cylindrical workpiece, billets and rods of own production, as well as showed the guests the products of its subsidiary «NF & M» (USA). Listed above range claimed in the manufacture of engine parts and various equipment (including — aerospace sector), in the manufacture of medical devices and implants, as well as in the nuclear industry, the petrochemical industry and many other sectors of industry. As a tangible result of the event management of the corporation «VSMPO-AVISMA» expects significant growth in the number of contracts with Japanese titanium market operators.

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