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In Australia, increasing volumes of refined nickel release

As stated in the recently released forecast of experts BREE («Australian Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics» — Division of Resources and Energy under the Australian Government), local producers of nickel in the 2012−2013 fiscal year may increase the volume of refined metal release of 5% (in compared to the figures of the financial year 2011−2012). Analysts Bureau predicts that the production of refined nickel in Australia in a specified period of time could reach 128 thousand. Tonnes. At the same time, mining of nickel in the country (in terms of extraction of ore) will remain the same — roughly at the level of 235 thousand tons.

In addition, the BREE believe that in the new financial year, world nickel consumption will increase by 3% compared with last year's figures and amount to 1.7 mln. Tons. At the same time demand for the metal in China, they believe, will grow by 7% YoY to reach the level of 825 thous. Tons. The reason for the growth rates lies in the revival of the construction sector, which will contribute to an increase in consumption of stainless steel. This is — believe in «Australian Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics» — partly compensates regress indicators of demand in the EU, where analysts expect a marked decline in business activity.

Meanwhile, on the nickel market is still dominated by the pessimistic mood. As the statistics «World Bureau of Metal Statistics», in the first quarter of 2013, a surplus of nickel in the world, observed in recent years, slightly lower (reaching 31.7 thousand. Tons). But the situation is — according to analysts — remains unstable in view of the fact that the world production of the metal has increased by almost 15% from last year's numbers (up to 674 kDa tons), while demand increased by only 10% (up to 596.4 tons kDa). Projections for the future too optimistic not all experts. Not long ago, experts «Barclays» was published disappointing analysis of the current situation, according to which the expected average price of the metal on world markets in 2013 was reduced by almost 6% of the older analysts calculation (to the level of 15.78 thousand. Dollars per ton).

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