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RUSAL is the organizer of the congress Non-ferrous metals in 2013

The world's leading aluminum producer — United Company RUSAL — took up the functions of the organizer of the fifth International Congress and Exhibition «Non-ferrous metals in 2013». The event starts on 3rd September at Krasnoyarsk and runs until the 6th of the same month. Congress — as has repeatedly happened in the past — will combine the conference «The Gold of Siberia», «Metallurgy of non-ferrous and rare metals» and «Siberian Aluminum.»

It is known that in this year's event the above-mentioned plan to attend more than 150 companies from 27 countries. In addition, as guests of the Congress will visit well-known scientists, international experts, engineers, and other leading industry experts, actively growing industries both in Russia and globally. Overall, (according to representatives of RUSAL) currently received more than 800 applications for participation in the congress.

On the agenda of the Forum «Non-ferrous metals in 2013» made a number of topical issues relevant. The main themes are the same its recycling and studying prospects for the development of environmental and energy-saving technologies. This year, for the new sub-themes of the conference will be the section «Bauxite» and «Modern technologies of mineral extraction.»

An important element of the program — «round table» on the transformation of higher education systems, which will be spoken about the issue of training for the industry. It is also planned to hold a similar discussion on the topic «Introduction of innovative technologies in the processing of industrial waste.» Among other things, members of Congress will have the opportunity to attend a series of lectures by world famous scientists: Professor Barry Welch («Energy in aluminum plants»), Professor P. Polyakov («Technologies for the production of aluminum»), Professor Halvor Cuando («The composition of the electrolyte and management of modern electrolysis baths and electrolytic Soderbergh's «), and other specialists who study technology in the non-ferrous metallurgy.

According to the press service of RUSAL, in the event, «Non-ferrous metals in 2013» the organizer will show innovative developments in the field of energy saving technologies in the manufacture of alloys of aluminum and zirconium, and a thread processing of red mud. Also, they will be covered the issue of acid processing methods low-grade raw materials. In addition, Victor Mann, holding the position of Technical Director of RUSAL, will prepare a report on the topic of innovation in technology and the development of the company «Russian Aluminium». In addition to the above, in this section, the organizers plan to include a number of reports from the International Committee of experts for the study of bauxite, alumina and aluminum — the company ICSOBA.

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