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Global titanium prices continue to fall

As the specialized media reports, over the past few months in the global market prices for titanium and its products on the basis of much «thinner». In particular, according to the «Metal-Pages Ltd.», in European trading floors of the cost of 70% ferrotitanium decreased from 6.2−6.4 US dollars per kilogram to 5,5−5,65 USD per kilogram, and cost 1 kg of titanium chips fell to US $ 5,39−5,56 to 4,45−4,78 dollars. At the same time, according to statistics «Metal Bulletin» magazine, the weighted average price of ferrotitanium decreased to 5,85−5,95 thousand. Dollars per ton.

According to experts «China Minor Metals Resource & Information», titanium ingots Chinese production continues to fall in price in mind the reduction in demand from enterprises producing finished products of the «winged metal». Also, the situation significantly affects the recent decrease in the price of titanium concentrate. On average, according to the Asian market operators, against the backdrop of these factors, the cost of titanium ingots are now fluctuates in the corridor between 1,044 and 1,077 thousand. Dollars per ton.

According to the relevant media, prices of Chinese titanium sponge production also continued to decrease. This occurs under the influence of a seasonal business lull caused by decreased activity on the part of enterprises producing rolled titanium. ferrotitanium cost, according to Chinese players in the market (compared to last week) fell to 8,816−8,979 thousand. dollars per ton. «Because of the serious inventory companies have cut prices as much as possible, and plants operating at a loss, forced to cede occupied by the market position of more profitable businesses," — commented on the situation analysts. In their view, the dynamics of quotations of the products listed above will not change, at least until late summer.

With regard to current world prices for raw material titanium — they remain relatively stable. Thus, the value of Australian titanium concentrate today ranges of 250−350 dollars per ton. Meanwhile, in the Chinese market this resource there is a decrease in the number of transactions that can not be the best way to influence prices in the ore segment. However, the raw materials sector experts believe that the situation here will not change until mid-autumn. Some analysts even expect positive changes, «the policy of certain countries in South-East Asia on reducing the export of titanium ore, may give rise to an increase in the cost of raw materials and the finished titanium, not only in China but also all over the world» — believe the most optimistic experts .

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